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Complaint: I have just been RAPED by Manny Moe and Jack! I called Pepboys to see what they would charge me to replace 6 sparkplugs that I had already purchased from an auto part store. The car is a 93 TOYOTA Camery, well serviced otherwise. I was going to do the work myself, but I couldnt find the spark plug holes to replace them myself, all computerized. I think Toyota put them under the Drive train Ha! I was joking with the guy. He gave me an ball park estimate of $60 to $80 dollars and a time frame of 2 hrs. I brought it in at 2:00 p.m I told the service guy that I needed the spark plugs replaced,and I wanted them to use the ones in the front seat of the car. They asked me to fill out a card on how the car was acting, I said it was fine one minute and the next it was missing really bad,felt like I was on a harley. He said no he didnt know what a harley runs like. I let that one go,So I said not firing, is what it appeared to be. That It had a slight odor of gasoline,I had a hard time at stop lights, it would not idle.Like it was going to stall, no power at all getting worse by the stop light, The service guy asked me how I knew it was the sparkplugs? I just knew. I may be a woman but Im not blonde. He SUGGESTED that tHEY run a DIAGNOSTIC test to make sure that was the problem ,$69.99 I said ok, mAY BE IT WAS SOMETHING MORE GOD FORBID I THOUGHT HIM BEING IN THE MECHANICS FIELD HE MIGHT KNOW ALOT MORE THAN I I had just had it tuned up by toyota a year agO $1400I mean top to bottom and the oil and fluids were changed last month. But it couldnt do any harm to check it out. I approved the test, signed the paperwork and I left. I call them about 3 hours later. At 5:oo I am forwarded to the “Mechanic”” in charge

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Address: who tells me he has ran into a “”little”” problem diagnosing my car I asked him what was the problem? the car? or the diagnosis machine ? He said it’s the machine he was having problems with. It would be a few more hours. I STRESSED I needed my car today !!! he said NO PROBLEM. I GOT A RIDE to school that night. My seventeen yr. old daughter calls me at school at 5:20 to tell me Pepboys called

Website: I came into Pepboys complaining the car ran rough

Phone: and said they couldn’t work on your car because they couldn’t remove the emmisions cover off the engine. Then Pepboys calls again at 5:30 to tell her that they might be able to get it done today but I couldnt pick it up it until tomorrow.I’m starting to get pissed at this point. At 8:30 They called her to tell me it’s finished to come pick it up.I leave school early to check this crap out . I arrive 20 min before closing. THEY present me with a $341.00 BILL oH and they didnt use the spark plugs I TOLD them to. I freaked out!!! STARED AT the bill NO WAY WHAT IS THIS!!! they charged me $69.99 for 1 diagnostic test $69.00 for sparkplug wires.$89.00 for labor $11.99 for sparkplugs $69.99 for cleaning out the fuel injectors $5.00 for 2 cans of areosol it was $240 total for labor 1 hr.& 50 min ( 2 MECHANICS) I GUESS ONE TO HOLD THE SPARKPLUG WHILE THE OTHER SCREWS IT IN! and $100.oo for parts.I refused to pay it!! they said I authorized it over the phone to the mechanics THAT DID THE WORK . I requested all this extra stuff to be done. I could not have my car till i PAID THE BILL

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