Paul Gimik painting Michigan Review


Do Not Do Business with this man. I am a business owner and needed to have my establishment painted. Someone referred me to Paul Gimik. I gave him a call and he shows up at my business the next day. Definitely a very strange man. He spent the first 20 minutes telling me about all the women that want him, how he has a half dozen girlfriends, cheating on his ex-wife, etc. I should have know right there but he did come with a referral from an acquaintance of mine.This guy was more concerned with sex than he was about painting. The guy looked like he was about 50, light hair, definitely a smoker, and acts like a horny teenage boy virgin. He hardly impressed me as a ladies’ man but I figured if he could paint and if I didn’t have to listen to him then why not; the price was right. This is on a Thursday. He tells me that he is going to start the job on Monday. Monday comes, no Paul Gimik. I call the phone number, voicemail says it’s Paul Gimik, so I leave a message. Needless to say, that was four months ago.The funny this is, half of Walled Lake seems to know Paul Gimik but no one knows where he lives. I had a few people tell me what street he lived on so I decide to pay a visit. The neighbors on that street knew Paul Gimik but they said they haven’t seen him. All I was able to find out was that this guy is a HOMELESS guy; no house, no apartment, nothing. So here I am looking for some homeless guy who took my money.If anyone runs into this guy, PLEASE submit a rebuttal on this website. Even if you don’t catch his name, if he talks about sex and painting then you have the right guy. He drives a bright yellow Mustang.

Shrewbury Walled Lake, Michigan United States of America

Paint & Wallpaper

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