Pat’s Small Engine Plus Lockport New York Review


Pat’s small engine advertised lawn mower blades ( using a picture that DOES NOT represent to item #S335855 and they ALSO have “STAR”” written under the pattern next to the mower blade

yet it is NOT a star blade for sale. When Item was received tried to force me to pay the 40$+ for return shipping. claiming I got what I ordered. If you can’t go by the picture then what the hell can you go by? If you can’t go by the WORDS next to the picture WTF can you go by? I’m filing with the attorney general and BBB after I get done typing this. I printed off the advertisement so I can sue them for bait and switch. Then the guy tells me they “”work just as well”” and that I should try them on my lawn mower…. um NO. You are a scam artist I don’t want your cheap china-made replacement blades and you should be paying for the return shipping since you obviously misled me.”

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