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Complaint: The LP program is a complete scam. If you go into their lease purchase program its not their program, you actually buy your truck from another company (Quality Carriers). There are a few things you should know before choosing PTL for this program(as this L/P program is available from several other carriers that Quality has approved, quality has a website with these carriers listed) first They steal $250 a week for a maintenance escrow you can’t use, second if you decide to quit before 9 months they charge you $4000, third they hold back a weeks check. In the 6 weeks I worked here I made $1800 net, my loads averaged 42875lbs so most of my profit went into my tanks. then I needed a service on my truck, couldn’t afford it with what I had been paid so I asked to use some of this $250 a week they’ve been taking, I was told no. I was later informed, once I decided to leave and take my truck to another of qualities approved carriers, that the reason I couldn’t use that maintenance escrow is because they want you to have at least the $4000 THAT THEY CHARGE YOU TO QUIT in there. That is also the reason they HOLD BACK A CHECK, not only are they going to keep the $1500 I had in my escrow, they are also not going to pay me for my last 2 weeks I worked. This program is a complete scam meant only for inexperienced company drivers who desperately want a faster truck. Eventually Quality will pull the plug on this scam. Think about it, how long do you think Quality is going to continue to send someone to pick up the 20-40 trucks every couple of weeks, that drivers just left there at the terminal in Murray, KY after having similar experiences with PTL.

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