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Complaint: I ordered anti-wrinkle cream over the internet for a 14 day free trial only paying $4.95 S&H. Nowhere in the ad did it mention anything about that you must call within 14 days of order date to cancel any future orders and not be charged $89.92 for the ‘free’ cream. There must be at least seven different creams being advertised by well known celebrities(Ellen D., Christie Brinkley, Sofia Vergara) to name a few. I called on my 15th day, not counting order date and cancelled. Order date was June 21 and cancelled Jul 5th, with July 4th being holiday and I didn’t think they were open and I was away. I was charged on my next credit card bill $89.92. I called and wrote to customer service. It was past their 15th day, and at first they would only stand by their policy. After 2 phone calls and being very persistent, the manager agreed to refund half my money. It was not even a 14 day trial as first date was order date and then there was at least 4 days for shipping which brings it down to at least ten. I told him it was deceptive advertising.

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Phone: 888 545 2088

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