Ohana Communications Sdn. Bhd. Or Pacific Regal Sdn. Bhd. Seremban California


Complaint: Warning for all people out there looking for job!!! There is a unpaid work scams at Ohana Communications Sdn Bhd which is under Omesti Group Berhad formerly known as Formis Berhad. They are recruiting in jobstreet by using the name Ohana communications and MYEG or Pacific Regal Sdn Bhd After working in the company for 4 weeks, I found out that it is a unpaid work scams! They will not pay you your commissions and basic for you first month of job and said that you are weak and underperformed and not the u201cAu201d player they are looking for. OHANA Communications Sdn Bhd is a new company that sells Fibre Broadband which rides on the Tm Unifi HSBB Network. On the 25th of March 2015 (Wednesday) 11am, I went to an interview in Ohana Communications Sdn Berhad which is located at 3.02C, (East Wing) Menara BRDB, 285, Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya, 59000 Kuala Lumpur. I was called in for the interview by a lady called Vivien Pun. After I reached the office, I was asked to sit at the bench beside the entrance. I was asked to filled in a employee application form for the company. Then, I was invited to the meeting room with 2 other candidates (total of 3 candidates in the meeting room). farm8.staticflickr.com/7798/17177612938_9946b00951_o.jpg[/img] Vivien Pun ( sister of Steven Pun) We had an interview session with Alfonzo Emmanuel (Black guy) from UK, he talked about how he built a telco in UK from scraps and how he made a lot of money and lose everything and then he started from zero. He also said that the time his company went bankrupt in US and he had to go back to UK but he had only 10 pounds left in his pocket. Then he started his stories of success. He mentioned that he is a millionaire and sold his company in UK, left his families in UK and came here to help build the company. He said that he will get 30% of shares of the company if he hit 1 billion sales and he is willing to share his commission. He said that he had no chance to fail but to success. He said that you are in the right industries and there is a lot of potential to grow and there is only 6 telcos in Malaysia. He said that if you are going to join the company you will have alot of space for you to progress in your career. Then he looked at my application form and he said that there is no problem for what I am asking for salary and he asked me to come for second interview on Friday at 11am. And he will going to teach you how to make 10k fast. He also said to me that if you want to be rich, you have to be with the rich. farm9.staticflickr.com/8762/16745142913_7ed34fa26c_o.jpg[/img]Alfonzo Emmanuel I went to the second interview on 27th of March (Friday) 11am. On the second interview, he told us on how many sales you have to do and he will calculate to show you how to make money by just doing 2 sales a day and have a team of 6 then you can make a million quick. After that, he asked me to start work on the next Monday. But I said I still have some work to do so I chose to start work on the 6th of April. He said that there will a two weeks training programme for me so that I can get employed. On 6th of April 2015 (11am) Monday, I went to the company to start my training programme. There is 6 person in my batch and we are all in one meeting room. He trained us on the company product which is Ohana business fibre broadband, Ohana Online and also account365. The whole session took at least 4-5 hours. Then I had to pay my parking fees for RM17. He said that there will be a product knowledge test on Tuesday and the passing marks is 70%. I went back home and studied hard for the test. On the next day which is 7th of April (11am) Tuesday, there is a test for the product knowledge and I passed the test. Then he started to said that he want people to work with him have to be an A player which has value and has performance. He also said that an A player will has 4 attributes which is Trainable, Hardworking, Honest and Attitude. He asked us to come to office at 9am the next day (Wednesday) because there will be an on field sales assessment. On Wednesday 8th April 2015 (9am), I went to the office and he introduced us some of the team leaders and top performers in the sales team and said how much they earned per month. He started his professional motivational talk and around 11am he put us under a leader and asked us to go out to do door to door sales and meet more people. He said that you have to do 12 sales to get employed. and each sales will have RM60 commission and there is some cash bonus from his own pocket. He called this the “FIREWALK”” week. During the time period

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Address: 8th April 2015-17th April 2015

Website: I went to alot of places for door to door sales and spent so much money for all the petrol

Phone: I managed to get 12 sales and I thinks that hopefully I will get employed. The next monday which is 20th April 2015

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