Noe C. Benavides Fresno


Complaint: This person graduated from Fresno Pacific University fraudulently and received a BA in Child Development. Most studies were done by her partner. She was also employed for Madera Community Action (Selma Headstart). She started her transgender change before her staff and parents from female to male and became addicted to painkillers and anti-anxiety medications while caring for preschool migrant children and I know for a fact that she and one of her relatives would give the children cough medicine to force them to sleep and their manager Mattie Mendez had knowledge that this was happening. Even with negative annual performance reports that were below average, this person was allowed to drug children and her work was below California State standards and they allowed her to care of helpless children. This person no longer wanted to work and faked a fall to become disabled. She never finished her bottom surgery and is still a woman with a beard and takes shots. She is a danger to children because of her mental issues. She was also selling Norco and other regulated drugs to her co-workers for profit. This is a nonprofit organization funded by State and Federal money and strict requirements apply to customers but she would fabricate documents to defraud the government as well with the knowledge of Mattie Mendez her boss. Beware parents of this person. I have proof and paper documents to back this inromation.

Tags: Child Care

Address: 943 Seqouia Parlier, CA United States



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