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FRAUD ALERT – BEWARE OF KEITH COLLINS, WALTER MYSKA & NEW LIFE MEDIA OPERATING IN CLINTON TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN AND FORMERLY IN LAS VEGAS, NEVADA. | BEWARE ABOUT DOING BUSINESS OR FINANCIAL DEALINGS WITH KEITH COLLINS, WALTER MYSKA AND OR NEW LIFE MEDIA LOCATED IN CLINTON TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN YOU’LL GET RIPPED OFF LIKE I DID! | Keith Collins, Vice President of Sales and New Life Media (Walter Myska, President) were operating an LED Advertising Truck in Las Vegas, Nevada to advertise to visitors and residents on the Las Vegas Strip with the New Life Media LED Advertising Truck. I use to be a part-time driver of their LED Advertising Truck for them during the day for New Life Media and also at night when Keith Collins operated the truck for his own personal advertising venues during the evening hours and on Sundays when the truck was not in use during the day with New Life Media. Approximately, Three (3) Months after I started driving the truck for Keith Collins and New Life Media, I was informed that the New Life Media truck was going back to Michigan permanently where it was going to be used in the local Michigan area by Walter Myska company called New Life Media and also another Company called Action Bail Bonds which is another Company affiliated with New Life Media and Walter Myska. When the truck was operating in Las Vegas it was also being operated in the same name “New Life Media “ and when Keith Collins was using it, he operated it in his personal name for advertising at night when it wasn’t being used for New Life Media advertising assignments. | Now, Keith Collins was using his partners (Walter Myska) New Life Media truck in the evening for his own personal advertising business and was quite successful selling advertising on it, he was selling advertising on it to local businesses and night clubs in the Las Vegas Strip area. Since the New Life Media LED Advertising Truck was leaving Nevada, Keith Collins approached me with a business opportunity and wanted to know if I wanted to go into business with him since he stated he was remaining in Las Vegas and not moving back to Michigan, since the New Life Media Truck was not going to be available to use in Las Vegas area any longer. Keith Collins asked if I could purchase a Used Isuzu NPR Truck and we (Keith Collins and I) would build our own LED Advertising Truck for use it in Las Vegas market place, since Keith already had his own advertisers that would buy advertising on this truck from his own personal advertising business including advertisers that would not be able to advertise on the New Life Media truck when it left Nevada for Michigan. Keith Collins stated to me that that his evening business alone for advertising at night on the side with the New Life Media Truck would give me additional income for driving the truck and also a return on my investment from revenue that was to be generated from this new LED Advertising Truck we were going to custom build. | Being retired, I had some money and agreed to purchase the truck which I did which was a Used 2001 Isuzu NPR Diesel Truck with a Flatbed already installed on the truck that had low mileage and was in great shape. The VIN #: JALC4B14617006598. I wanted to build a Double Sided LED Advertising Truck like the one I was driving in Las Vegas and because of Keith’s limited funds he wanted a Single Sided LED Advertising Truck. I was prepared to fund the entire LED Advertising Truck project based on Keith’s guaranteed advertising clients. Keith Collins has always had a problem communicating and reaching him by phone was almost impossible. After buying the truck with my own funds, it became harder to reach him and he wouldn’t answer the phone, (as a matter of fact, he still doesn’t answer his phone or return calls) I made a personal visit to his personal residence in Las Vegas to pick up my truck and was told by neighbors that he had moved out a few days earlier and left Las Vegas and was last seen by his neighbors with his Cadillac loaded on the back of the Flatbed of my truck and was leaving the Las Vegas area for good. Basically, I believe it was Keith’s Collins sole intention to steal my truck that I had purchased using his deceptive business practices. Since his disappearance in the Las Vegas area, I have been told that there are quite a few other people looking for Keith Collins with New Life Media because of business dealings that he skipped out on when he left Las Vegas so unexpectedly. | After months of searching, and working with the various state DMV offices, I have now discovered that my Used 2001 Isuzu NPR Truck with Flatbed VIN#: JALC4B14617006598 which I bought and paid for in Las Vegas, is now registered in the State of Michigan and that it is in the business name of New Life Media which is owned by Keith Collins and Walter Myska. After realizing that Keith Collins and Walter Myska were working together in Las Vegas and now my truck which was stolen by Keith Collins and removed from the State of Nevada without my permission has somehow been transferred illegally into New Life Media business entity illegally since I never released it in Nevada or signed it over to Keith Collins or Walter Myska unless the Title Transfer was forged, it makes you wonder if they were both working together all along in Las Vegas, since they never paid me for my truck and my truck is now in the name of New Life Media and registered in that same name in the State of Michigan.


  • Name: New Life Media, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Michigan
  • City: Charter Twp of Clinton
  • Address: 43550 Elizabeth Rd
  • Phone: 586-783-6265
  • Website:

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