New England Pet Center – Dba Debby’s PetLand Southampton Massachusetts Review


On Sept. 12, 2005 I purchased an 8 week old Pekingnese puppy. I asked if it was alright because he was very listless and not acting at all like a puppy. I was told that he had been handled a lot by prospective buyers and that he “might have a touch of kennel cough””. That night I had to call the emergency number because the pup was gasping for air with his mouth wide open. nI spoke with their veterinarian

Dr. Mark Verbin and his concern was that the pup was getting enough to eat because of being a toy breed it would bring down the sugar level and make him listless. The following day

9/13/05 I brought the pup to my own vet and he had a severe upper respiratory infection and gunk was running out of his eyes and nose

he was put on antibiotics. On Sept. 22

2005 we returned to the vets because he still had gunk coming out of his nose and had diarrhea so bad nothing stayed in him long enough for him to get any nutrition from it. nHe was diagnosed with coccidia parasites and a severe mite problem. Again

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