MyPillow Metairie Louisiana Review


Less than 30 days ago, I purchased 2 king pillows for $100 plus $10 shipping. Yesterday, 4/12/2016, QVC sold 2 king pillows for $75 and $5 shipping. This is 25% less for the pillows and 50% less shipping. I called the My Pillow customer service last night and asked them to make a price adjustment to my credit card. I was not only told no, but the customer service went so far as to say I could not get a refund. I then asked to speak to a supervisor who told me they received a memo yesterday that they could not price match. I can’t speak for those of you reading this, but $30 buck is a lot these days. I say let’s all boycott this company until they learn to treat their customers fairly. Thanks for your time.

Minnesota USA

Bed & Bath

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