Multy Electronics Haiti Other Review


I was on a holiday in New York, looking for good lenses for my Canon 40 D camera. I went into this small shop on Broadway and tried a couple of lenses on my camera. I noticed that the prices were high but then again, good lenses do cost money. nI was looking at the 75-300 mm 1:4-5.6 lens and mistook it for the newer model, 70-300 mm. I remembered that it’s price was somewhere was around 700 dollars and when I got the price of the lousy 75-300 mm lens “down”” to 650

I thought I had made a good deal and bought the lens for 650 dollars (+ tax). Only afterwards I realized I had paid over 200 % overprice for the lens. nThe price tags in the store have ridiculous sums of money on them

like 1500 $ for the 75-300 mm lens

but the salesmen are careful to rip the tags off afterwards

after you buy something from the shop. In the shop there was in fact a sign stating that restocking products is possible for a 20 % fee. When I asked about that the following day

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