M is a scam site very sleekly presented one at that, this is a Frank Kaslik he is a scammer, he ran a Newcastle property Investments scam and ripped off hundreds of people now he is at it with vulnerable people looking for a break, his entire site and the info on it is set out to portray trust but its all fake everything on it for example the website the woman who calls her self ‘Amy’ in the video on the my recovery business in a box website is in fact ‘Claire’ an actress who will do a job for as little as $5, same with the blue haired girl who is posing as a client doing a testimonial! SAD BUT TRUE both are listed on here’s some links showing, Amy/Claire/Debbie… or any name you want them to be if you have $5bucks; here are the links below;


  • Name:
  • Country: Australia
  • State: New South Wales
  • City: Swansea
  • Address: PO Box 86 NSW 2281
  • Phone: 1-300-858-850
  • Website:

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