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Be very careful if you decide to take your vehicle to this location. Every aspect of my transaction with them felt “”slimy”” and I really regret not trusting my instinct and taking my vehicle elsewhere. > The initial time of repair dragged out from 1 day to 1 week. >They would not return any calls i made inquiring about the repair status during this time. >They did not inform me about any delays they encountered. > I had to go the the shop and practically interrogate the owner to get any information. Most of what he said seemed to be attempts to re-direct the focus from my vehicle on to other issues. He spent a lot of time talking up his business and the co-owner ( his wife) made several negative comments regarding the performance of their employees. This sure didn’t help me feel better about the situation. > They showed me a pile of old parts that I could not prove or disprove had come from my vehicle. > they showed me another pile of new parts that I could not prove or disprove would be put into my vehicle > The vehicle was finally retuned to me with grease smeared all over the center console and exterior. I had to request it be cleaned . > The real kicker: after paying $2600 for a “”Custom Rebuit Transmission”” ,THE TRANSMISSION STARTED LEAKING FLUID . IT ONLY HAS 300 MILES ON IT AFTER BEING REPAIRED. This is a partial summary of the total experience, it was very frustrating .Once they get your vehicle on the rack you are pretty much screwed so beware. >Please take the time to reearch other trans shops and avoid this one if you possibly can.

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