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I bought & installed solar panels from Moore Energy on XX-11-2019. One of my friends had recently gotten panels and she was really happy with the benefits so I thought I should get into it as well. Moore Energy had an office a few blocks away from my work place and after talking to their sales rep, XXXXX, I decided to get panels from them. The installation went smooth except for some paper work issues which were a headache for 2 weeks. The company entered wrong information in one of the forms and this delayed the whole installation. After the installation was done, I didn’t expect I’ll face any issues, at least that’s what the Moore Energy sales rep told me. But the reality was opposite.

The installation was sloppy and there were several damaged tiles on my roof. There wasn’t any leakage and thank god for that, because the way their installers did the work, a leak was almost guaranteed. I didn’t pay attention to the roof damage until the winters came and my roof started showing its true colors. Long story short, my roof looks hideous and now, a few months after the installation, it also has major leaks. The roof guy has billed me a total $22,400.00 for the damages and when I contacted Moore Energy, they told me that it’s not their responsibility!!! Just so it’s clear, my house is totally new and there was no other construction or installation done on it except for the panels. The frame or whatever of those panels have severely damaged the roof, not only ruining the look of my house, but also making it a hideous inconvenience. PAY FOR THE DAMAGE YOU DID MOORE ENERGY!!! These guys are total dupes and I would avoid them at all costs!

Moore Energy damaged the roof of my new house and they don’t even take responsibility for it! AVOID!

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