Moneris Solutions Review


After 3 years contract done with Moneris. They just hook you up with another three years without any noted telling you. I did not know that until I cancelled the service after my lease is over. They told me there is a deactivate service for $300.00. I complained to their management. But it has seen wasting my time. They all agree with this charged $300.00 deactivate fee and blame for the company’s policy. And even of their service manager told me , you have been doing business for many years you should know this and read their policy??? | There are many companies to serve debits and credits card transactions, and honest, better Service company than Moneris. Honestly, $300.00 is not something that the business owner cannot afford, but they just scam and steal away their royal customers’s trust and relationships. I never and never come back with this company to do business! I rate them, Moneris with Zero Star. And hope my feed back and comments obove could bring attention to business’s owners. Why we waste time, money and dishonest company, Moneris???


  • Name: Moneris Solutions
  • Country: Canada
  • State:
  • City: Toronto, Ontario
  • Address: P.O. Box 219, Station D
  • Phone: 1-866-319-7450
  • Website:

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