Michiganmotorz Review


June 16, 2015 I ordered a NEW 5.7l engine for our Caravelle boat from Michigan Motorz. The invoice for the engine and shipping was $3259.18. This engine was received on or about 6/29 and installed the next day by Lanier Boats (5910 Chattahoochee Ind Park). Total labor cost for removal of the bad engine and installing the new engine- $950. | The engine never made it into the water- it quickly developed a knock (within 30min). I contacted MM (Michigan Motorz) who immediately began to blame the installer- said water must be in the engine. They did agree to send a return shipping crate and asked for the motor and all accessories be returned to MM. The crate and return invoice were received on 7/24. | Over the next month MM took apart the motor and found a defect in workmanship- an unidentified piece of metal which had apparently damaged a piston and then was blown out the exhaust. | MM did repair the motor as per the warranty but would not pay the labor to re-install or the shipping costs to return the engine. Per the Warranty paperwork they are responsible for labor not to exceed $850.00. | Not only did we lose an entire summer because of this, we paid for a NEW motor and now have a rebuilt one. I also have serious concerns about the current motor lasting. If you look at the break in procedures you can see that the motor is not supposed to be run at over 2,000 rpm for the 1st hour, 3000 for the second hour and not about 4,000 for 5 hours after that. They sent a video showing them reving the motor to 4500rpm within the 1st few minutes of operation. | Buying from MM cost me an entire summer of use plus an extra $650 for labor and shippng a 2nd time, and I probably have a damaged engine now.


  • Name: Michiganmotorz
  • Country: United States
  • State: Michigan
  • City: Madison Heights
  • Address: 32333 Mally Dr
  • Phone: 248-524-9600
  • Website: www.michiganmotorz.com

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