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I was together with my ex for almost 4 years. We have a beautiful daughter together. Then life for my daughter and I changed when this homewrecker decided to seduce my ex. In February of 2012, things started changing. I was a stay at home mom and my ex was a truck driver. I would get phone calls and text throughout the day, then it slowly started to stop. He wasn’t getting home till later but it never crossed my mind that he could be talking to another girl nor be cheating on me. || Later that year in July, we found out i was pregnant. I was so excited and happy that I was expecting again. My daughter was going to have a little brother or sister. But my ex was not so happy about it, but around my family is was different. Around them, he cared but when it was just me, he was not happy. Just a few days after finding out I was pregnant, I started having really bad pains on my right side, it was so bad that i couldn’t even stand. So we went straight to the er. I was there from 7pm to 4am. I was given three options that could be wrong and the next day I would get my answer. My answer was that I was having an ectopic pregnancy. I was losing my baby. My ex was so excited but would express different feelings around my family. I dealt with this whole situation on my own. I was depressed and so confused. Two months later my body would finally pass what would have been my baby and then the truth of what was going on behind my back came out. My soon to be ex was cheating on me with a this homewrecker that was a guard at his workplace. A place that the trucks have to stop and check in and check out when leaving. This was going on for months and after finding out the truth, it all made sense. Everything came together. || She has a child and now they have a child together. My ex now has nothing to do with our daughter. He wouldn’t even spend time with her. He took time off of work because of this homewrecker but won’t take a day off for his first born child. I was so angry at the both of them for so long but now my daughter and I probably have the best thing in our lives. I’m engaged to a wonderful man and he treats my daughter just like his own. Something my ex never did. She has a better life now. Now my ex has to pay child support while he supports himself, the homewrecker, her daughter, and their daughter. She won’t work because she is super lazy. Its only a matter of time before he does the same thing to her like he did me, or before she wrecks another family. She didn’t mind wrecking her only family. Oh yes, at the time she was still with her first child’s dad. Beware Pa of this one! If you see her, run just run as fast as you can!!

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