Michael Symon’s Lolita Restaurant Review


Ordered a salad and pizza. A portion of the salad had lettuce that was wilted and mildued. The waitres appoligized and verified my concerns by inspecting the salad. She offered me a replacement, but the pizza we ordered was arriving, so I passed. One disappointment led to another. The sausage on the pizza tasted ransunt to the point that 3 of our quest at the table spit it out. | The waitress confirmed there was something wrong with the sausage on the pizza when she sniffed one of the pieces when we had it sent back, she appoligized again and stated thet is why she is looking for another job. | Next time we saw her was when she delivered the bill for the food. Aguy followed her, I assume the owner, and requested we pay cash for the meal…What… | Avoid this place, I travel 365 days a year for my company out of Seattle, this place is a set up to get your money. I can see why the waitress was looking for another job.


  • Name: Michael Symon’s Lolita Restaurant
  • Country: United States
  • State: Ohio
  • City: Cleveland
  • Address: 900 Literary Road
  • Phone: 216-771-5652
  • Website: lolitarestaurant.com/

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