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Frank Hornhauer Lehmann (Frank Berlanga Castillo) is owning now a new company, called AndaleMundo Tours SA de CV and he is using two websites ( and, along with another domain, I was working for him as a web developer and programmer for 6 months, in Mexico. After six months of work, he paid me US$380,00 (three hundred and eighty dollars) while he should’ve pay me US$500,00 per month. The reason, according to him, was that the company didn’t have money. And the company does not have money, indeed. He is using most of the money from the clients to live day by day, having huge debts to the hotels in Mexico (over US$100,000) which he cannot pay back. He is also lending money from private persons by giving his cars in exchange because no bank in Mexico would take the risk to give him a loan. The man is also using illegal work in his company. He promised countless times that he will get me the work permit but that never happened, because he does not want to pay taxes and, the fee for a working permit in Mexico is about 10,000 pesos (about US$800) and he just doesn’t have the money. His solution to this was to use European students, who are “working”” illegally for 6-8 months in his company

being underpaid. Apart of the students

he is using Mexican people who are paid under minimum wage

keeping them under control by threatening them that they “”won’t get the money this month””. The few tours he’s able to provide are barely paid by somebody else’s money

following this scheme: if you will send him money for a tour in Mexico

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