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Complaint: Dr. Sarr is doing procedures on women patients without consent – under anesthesia that the patients do not consent to – without the medical options being given to rush things so that the Medical Service can’t have the case. Dr. Bundrick offers published proven options, without neurectomy surgery, for chronic abdominal wall pain. Dr. Sarr won’t work with Dr. Bundrick. There is no teamwork at Mayo Clinic – there is just Dr. Sarr. Women MDs are rushed to surgery, assaulted by untrained ‘help’ (3-month interns, black medical students from God-only-knows-where). You say no medical students, interns, and you get the worst – smelly staff who never shower, brutal techniques, removals of normal tissue. Anyone going near Dr. Sarr, or Mayo Clinic Surgeons, needs to require written consent, all medical options, and a signed statement that the surgeon WILL NOT do any unconsent additional procedures. Consent is required for all surgical procedures, and all manipulations & removals of tissue. Dr. Sarr would eviscerate any woman, do anything to get a woman naked, and his staff has no surgical technique. Any person undergoing a surgery with his name on it will spend the rest of their life getting plastic surgery corrections. Jill Smith in Legal allows that Mayo Surgeons do other than what is consented to for MONEY.

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