Martin Bienstock Review


Martin A. Bienstock just sent me a Marshals Notice printed in RED with a fake index number claiming to be from the Civil Court of The City of New York. It states that I must pay several thousand dollars to him or he will “physically levy” upon my personal property. It also states this amount “does not include additional interest and expenses”??? I have never received any other notice or “judgment” against me until now and when searching the internet I see there are several other people this criminal has tried to steal money from. I am going to report him immediately. Isn’t falsifying government documents a felony? I guess I will consult with the lawyers in my family since they would know best. There isn’t even an official seal on this notice. Nor does it even state WHY I am supposed to pay this Fraud thousands of dollars. Does he really think he will get away with this? .

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