Maria’s Birds And Exotics TICONDEROGA New York Review


I purchased two parrots July 15,2016 with dna gender testing included. I asked several times about the results and was ignored. I then mentioned a charge back for dna services and got a response of 3-5 days. A week went by and I posted on her Facebook about not getting results. She sent me a private message saying she had them and would send later. The next morning I received two dna certificates through a private message. They looked odd so I forwarded them to the company on the certificate . The company states they did not produce these certificates and have no record of doing any service for her. I ask her what was going on and sent a copy of the email from accumetrics she replied with the company must have sent her fake dna certificates and she would contact them. I called the company days later and she never contacted them I asked her what the wait was for and she told me she wanted to send out refunds first for the dna costs. Another few days has gone by now and she still has yet to contact the company she blames for fake certificates. I also asked her for a copy of the email she would have received from this company with results she was sending that to me later that day its been 4-5 days and I’ve yet to see this email. She is a fraud do not trust her. There is another person that has posted the dame experience with fake certificates on her Facebook.



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