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SERIES NEXT LIMITED SCAM EXPOSED | Series Next Limited operates a whole host of websites selling FAKE Instagram Followers. They are a complete scam pretending to be an “organic growth” service. They own a bunch of FAKE review websites: including,,, | These review sites attack their legitimate competitors to drive traffic towards their own websites such as Magic Social, Rise Social, Social Steeze etc. | Is Social Steeze a scam? Yes it is, a complete and utter scam. | Is Magic Social a scam? Yes also, another complete and utter scam. Don’t trust those fake reviews! | Is LikeSocial legit? Nope, it is a complete scam along with the rest! RUN from this SCAM. | Is and a fake review site? Yes, they impersonate real people and do not allow you to leave reviews! | Ricky Pahl is a conman in NZ! | These FAKE review sites are the brainchild of Ricky Lee Pahl operating from New Zealand, who is also joined by Adam Mark Ross. | Their addresses are public information due to New Zealand law, and can be seen here on the NZ Companies Office. | If you have signed up with Social Steeze, Magic Social, LikeSocial, Social10x or any other of these fake Instagram services, do the following immediately: | Report “SERIES NEXT LIMITED” to the New Zealand companies office through this email: [email protected] | Describe your whole incident and link them this report so they can see how their scam operates! | Dispute your payment with PayPal and immediately call your bank and get your credit card charge reversed. | RING PayPal and explain to them that this business is a COMPLETE scam. | Ring STRIPE and explain to them that this business is a scam, operating as “PMP Social” on Stripe. | WRITE about these websites online, in forums or on TrustPilot and other review sites.


  • Name: Magic Social
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
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