Lori Gauthier Albany, New York New York


This woman approached my live in boyfriend of 4 1/2 years at a bike night at a bar. She gave him a line that she was never on a motorcycle and could he take her for a ride. What woman goes to a biker bar that has never been on a bike? Bullshit. My boyfriend was not feeling good about himself as he gained about 25 pounds. Him and I were also having some issues with me dealing with his 20 year old son. Still no excuse for him to end up cheating. || He didn’t come home from work one day in the middle of July and I waited up for him. He finally came back home at 10:30 at night on his bike carrying the extra helmut. After a long drawn out fight he admitted to seeing another woman. He swore to me that he had told her he had a live in girlfriend but there were some issues. She did not walk away. She pursued him even more. So I gave him a chance to break it off and we could try again. After two weeks of him showing up late after work and staying out late I knew it did not end. So I had to ask him to move out. Eight hours after he left my home this whore posted all kinds of pictures on her Facebook of him and her and it looks like it went as far back as the beginning of June; could have gone back further. He of course keeps telling me he regrets it and doesn’t want to be with her and wants me back. But he continues to still see her. || Both of them can rot in hell for all I care. Whoever reads this should look her up on Facebook and see all the pictures she has posted. Here’s a picture of the slut sitting on his bike!

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