Loreta T Paligutan Rockville Maryland


Complaint: THIS LADY IS DESPERATE FOR MONEY. She will promise people that she will get their legal papers processed through an agency. That agency is also her. She only takes cash payment. Her last victim, she owed $1800. The people she rips off cannot take her to court because they are not US Citizens. I am not saying its ok to be here illegally but it is also NOT ok to take their money. Specially when they are promised legal processing, they are trying to gain their Green card of visa legally but they are scammed by this person. She must be stopped. This lady took $1800 dollars from me!!!! And the thing is, she will first act like your best friend and give you advices. She is Baltimore because she is hiding from the other people she already scammed in Florida and California! DO NOT BELIEVE HER!!!!!!!!!!

Tags: State Government

Address: 7905 Harford Rd, Baltimore, Maryland United States of America


Phone: 4437374274

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