Living Direct Lake Mary Florida Review


I ordered a washer combo on and asked for it to be shipped to my house. The shipping was supposed to be free, and I searched on the website for information about the shipping, found some about the shipping company being local and they will call when the appliance is in their warehouse. I found information about the shipping being free, but not much more. I did look around the website for as much information as I could get about the shipping, everything seemed to be in order. W When the shipping company called, they wanted me to wait at home for them for 4 hour window of delivery. I cannot do that. Then, through some questioning and prodding, found out that they don’t bring the washer into the house, it is curbside delivery. I was furious, and asked them what I was going to do with a washer on the curb, I needed it in the laundry room. They were completely unhelpful, did NOT offer me additional services to help or any options whatsoever. They were the worst customer service. So I called living direct back and spoke with a customer representative whom was also unable to offer any options, insisted that the information on the website was quite clear and this was my fault. If I wanted to cancel the order, I would have to pay for shipping. If I wanted the machine, I would have to take delivery on the curb. What kind of customer service offer NO OPTIONS that a normal working person can actually accomplish? HORRIBLE customer service and I believe they are fraudulently offering free shipping, and purposefully making delivery extremely difficult so they can charge for the return shipping AND get their product back.

500 N. Capital of Texas Hwy Austin, Texas USA



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