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My husband and I have been married for 5 years and together for 12 years and after his brother was killed in a car accident he began talking back to this chick he use to date from junior high school. Now keep in mind he is now 31 years old. So I never found out much except he would call her often and text and would send emails of her private area to him. He claimed that she contacted him first and she claims that he contacted her, not sure which way the wind was blowing for either one. || Well anyway once I found out in April I put him out and was going to let him go on and be with her considering this was the 5th time that he has stepped out on our marriage. I was feed up with this bull. Well he stayed gone for a week doing whatever with her, he claims he was never with her but I am not sure because after he came back home she texted his phone apologizing about something that happen on a Friday. About one month passed and low in behold it all started right back up. She would text his phone late at night saying she loved him! We were already at a rocky point so there we go again. || In June I sat down and wrote out a separation agreement.† I was finished with both of their mess.† Heck I am 31 years old with three kids, two which is his and I was not taking it any longer so he signed the agreement.† After I informed him of the hurt in which he had caused me and the pain he wanted to discuss it so we did. †He texted her and stated that he lied about everything and that he loved his wife and wasnít leaving me and he just wanted to be friends with her. Well before that I emailed her and gave her congratulations on her accomplishment. She claimed she never meant for it to happen but yeah right. || I am still with my husband right now. I love him but at times I feel just damn right stupid for staying around because who knows when it will happen again.

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