Kristen Dawn Newfield Kansas Kansas


This thirsty Mr ed looking rachet skank knew my soon to be ex was married and had two kids. Hell I talked to this thing begging her to stop but they are just friends nothing will ever happen bs. Well I guess my poor excuse for a husband likes getting down on the farm. || He is a trucker so it makes it easy to set up their little romps and she works in a nursing home at night. She sends hundreds of texts calls and fb messages weekly and 80% of them are naked pics. Can we say desperate?! || He is worthless and worse than her but that exposure will come very soon following this one. || I had to play super sluth to find out this information because he is a compulsive liar and whores couldn’t tell the truth if ya beat it out of them. She only goes after taken men. She likes destroying homes and once she gets her mission done she drops them and sinks them great big teeth in another idiot scum bag. || I hope her skanky ass sees this. Whore one day you will get what you deserve karma is a nasty bitch.

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