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Complaint: Kio Designs are a band of theives who will lie cheat and do anything to get your money. I responded to a flier they sent me to buy a new door. I gave them the deposit required and they delivered a used door that is not allowed to be installed due to it’s irregular size. They told me all doors in Panama are standard. But the door they sold me isn’t standard. They delivered and old door that is too small for installation. They sold me a piece of s**t old door too small for the opening. The sales person who sold to me is William Martinez. He is a lying cheating scoundrel. He will lie or cheat anyone to get some money. I told him the door is too small for installation and he simply said it’s complicated. lying f****** stupid theives. William knew it was not allowed to install the door in my building. he simply delivered to door and they didn’t show up to install it as the They also sold me two doors for my bathroom and bedroom. Those doors were to be fitted painted and installed with handles. the theieves never did one thing. They told me on four occasions they would install the door but more money was needed. it was just a ploy to get more money from me. I went to their office to inform that i knew of their scam, but the old fat b****** who owns the company tried to fight me. He is an old fat b****** and i invited to try and hit me, but he was extremely afraid to approach me. He told me to f*** off and he said in broken english f*** you american. I ripped you off. How is that for service?? the old man who owns the joint is a true bandit. Beware of these thieves. I will upload on youtube very soon a video of them telling me outright lies. Beware of these thieves.

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: Ciudad de Panamu00e1, Panama City, Panama Nationwide USA


Phone: +507 263-7679

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