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Contact between you and the Person/company that victimized you.nType of Contact: Web PagenDate of Contact: 12/19/2003nTotal money lost on contact date: $122.57 nContact Information:n12/19/03~12/22/03~12/26/03. Items ordered from my online store starting 12/19/03 paid for with 3 checks via an online check method. Shipped items 12/29/03. n1st check bounced the next day 12/30/03, the other 2 bounced also. Contacted buyer 12/31/03 via email to inform her that the check had bounced, also left a phone message, no reply from buyer. I cancelled 2 more orders that the buyer had placed. nSent an email 01/03/04 & 01/04/04 informing buyer that all checks have bounced & that I was contacting the authorities. n01/05/04- Buyer replied that she had been out of town & that the acct #’s were wrong also “I have refused delivery of the merchandise until we can get the payment straighten out. Please let me know how you will accept payment now”” My reply: PayPal bank transfer

BidPay or Yahoo PayDirect. n01/06/04-buyer said Yahoo PayDirect and would take a couple of days for the bank transfer to Yahoo. n01/08/04 I emailed from my web store to find the progress of payment. No reply. Checked Post Office tracking 0280 5213 9071 4630 2436 the package had not been refused and had been delivered. n01/09/04 sent a request for payment via Yahoo

again informing her that I was contacting the authorities

reply from buyer wanted to send 2 items back

said link to Yahoo for payment would not work

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