Kelly Doyle Peters – Birmingham, Alabama Alabama


Kelly decided to come to NY this year to visit family and while here she decided that she wanted to try and rekindle things with an ex boyfriend that she hadn’t had anything to do with in MANY years. Her ex just happened to be my current boyfriend. We have been together almost 6 years and she caused many problems between us that we are still trying to mend. She is married and has been for 14 years or so. I do not know if her husband is aware of the things she does while in NY, but I am NOT willing to allow her to get her claws in to my man again and ruin all we have worked for in our relationship. Don’t let her near any of your men, because she has no morals or respect for the sanctity of marriage or the relationships of others. This isn’t the first time she has done this either. The one picture is her thinking she is every man’s dream hot chick. The other picture is her with her husband!!

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