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Complaint: I took my truck to Just Brakes for the $99.88 Friction Relign (calling first to check if it was the same price for a truck) on October 12, 2002 because the brakes were squeaking and I had 57,000 miles on my truck. The guys had me wait while they took it apart. They said the pads were only 20% worn. After they put it back together I left. The squeaking continued and a few months later a friend of mine heard the squeak and said I should get my brakes looked at. On March 29, 2003 I brought my truck in again, just to be sure. The guys that had helped me back in October were no longer there. I waited while they took it apart so they could quote me a price. This time they said my brakes were unsafe and the total would be $966.88. He walked me around and showed me the cracked brake pads, the uneven wear, etc. I am uneducated about brakes and he said they were unsafe and could cause more damage and cost more money later. I did half then and the rest a week later, because, of course, I could not afford it all at once. Initially, I was mad because just five months earlier they said my brakes were barely worn. I emailed Just Brakes on their website contact info. but got no response. I emailed again with an angry note and Jim Shipp at 1-800-445-7105 called me back promptly. He asked if I misunderstood the first guys telling me I had only used 20%. I said no I have the work order to prove it. Then he took down my other two work order #’s and said he would look them over and call me back. That was 3 weeks ago and he hasn’t called me back. I have tried to be patient, but after reading the complaints on this site I am MAD. I will call Jim again but an earlier complaint said that he didn’t help. I have more complaints. Both times I left while the work was done, I had places to be, and he said he would call when it was ready. I never received any calls. I had to call and see if it was ready and both times he responded with, “It was just finished.”” After the first half of the repairs I drove it home and noticed a horrible bouncing of my truck when I braked. I took it back and they had to machine the rotors. I went back to complete the repairs and now my brakes squeal loud every time I brake. They sound horrible. I’m going to take it back

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Address: but I am a little scared to do so. I will fight this

Website: TexasU.S.A.”

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