John Adler Sirus Fraud Reporting Harwood Heights Illinois


Complaint: Since you have failed to voluntarily take care of this problem or to respond to our requests to communicate with us, you leave us no choice but to file this complaint with the state.The fact remains that you took control of services under false pretenses. You also refused to pay for your control over those services.The laws of Illinois will determine the direction we will take against you.a) Criminal charges will be determined after a thorough investigation of all Social security numbers and banking records under your control.b) Civil and contractual violations will be determined. Civil charges carry damages, attorney fees, court costs and interest. This case will be for the amount of 2,855 in addition to the punishment the judge decides.c) We will attach and lien all personal assets and property, including garnishment of your wages. d) Your name, social security number and driver’s license number will be entered into a national database which will affect your current check writing and credit privileges.If you wish to sette this before we take action against you, you must call before the ahove filing date 8/13/2010.John Adler

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