Jasmina Jenko – Chicago, Illinois Illinois


This jail guard Jasmina Jenko is no better than the criminal inmates at Cook County Jail. She doesn’t deserve the honor of a badge. After begging for her to stay away from my husband she continued to sleep with him multiple times! I even sent her photos of our beautiful family hoping she would feel remorseful of what she was destroying!! She called and texted my husband multiple times a day for months after I had just gave birth to our second baby! She knew my husband and I had been together for over 10 years. She knew we had two baby boys at home under the age of two who needed their father. Rumor has is that she even got pregnant and aborted the baby but she won’t admit it. She brings so much shame to correctional officers at the Cook County Sheriffs Department and should be fired for such unethical misconduct! She’s a deceitful liar who instead of making this world a better place only cast darkness and shame over it. She tried to ruin my life but didn’t succeed. Too bad Karma will never allow her to be happily married with children of her own.

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