Jackie Partridge – My ex best friend fuked my husband!!! Massachusetts


My best friend of 26 years decided that while my family was staying with her because we were displaced, she slowly started an emotional affair with my husband. He started pulling away from me but I was also dealing with stuff. So I was worried about me and my kids. Not him and her being “friends”. Then, we found a place and moved out. For the first week we were trying to work on us. Although they were still talking. As my best friend she should have told him to work on us and step away but she didn’t. She kept right on with it. Then he went to the bar one night with her. She asked him to go back to her house to help with her tv. They slept together and I caught them. They were more worried about themselves than hurting the 5 kids involved. Or me for that fact. She cheated on her own husband and he divorced her. She’s a dirty nasty pig who ruined a 26 year friendship. What didn’t even care about hiring my kids or her own. My EX BEST FRIEND!!! If you are not only whiling to sleep with a married man but, your best friends husband, she will fuk anyone!!!

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