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Complaint: Ibotta deactivated me for shopping at walmart too much even though I shop there 3x A week sometimes you can tell receipts have different item’s they told me my receipt’s were duplicate I have dealt with these types of companies before. Even getting your account back will cause nothing but drama and stress from the company. I’m not even going to bother with Ibotta on this. I have dealt with companies like this the other was A survey site called instagc who banned me claiming I wasn’t putting my real name on survey’s when in fact they banned me because I alerted them to A malware download on their site. I am to the point I am cutting out online services that cause me too much undue stress Ibotta is 1 of them. once companies like Ibotta put A target on your back even if you get your account back they will constantly harass you till you are too stressed to care about using their product. Read ibotta terms of service they are as bad as paypal and have you wave away your rights like nazis. See if you still want to fight to get your ibotta account back after reading them thoroughly. There is lots of room for ibotta to make A fraudulent claim against you just like every other greedy corporate company.

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: 1660 17th st #201 denver, Colorado USA

Website: www.ibotta.com/

Phone: 303-593-1633

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