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Complaint: In the early part of December 2014, my husband and I found a listing on puppyfind.com posted by Lori Hoover @ Hoover Acres stating that she had Pure Breed Cane Corso puppies for sale. After my husband and I made our decision to move forward we reached out to her over the phone and began the process for purchasing our pup Goliath. After a few weeks of waiting he was ready for pick up Jan 15th, 2015. Excited as we could ever be to bring home our baby (as I was not able to have any more children) life for us was bright. We couldnu2019t have been happier. My husband arrived at a location set by Lori to get our pup. As she stated her husband would be right out with him, he came flying up behind my husbandu2019s truck with Goliath, he (Goliath) was in the back of a pickup truck with a chicken wire built cage, filthy and smelling like he came from a hog farm. He was covered in feces. After getting our pup home, we observed quickly that he was ill. He had very bloody stools. I called Lori immediately and she insisted that we did something wrong, as she claimed that Goliath was fine while he was there. Being that it was 10 p.m. we called the animal hospital after hours number and were granted an appointment. At this appointment, we found quickly that Goliath was sick with Giardia. After telling Lori about this she insisted that he got it elsewhere than from her. Well truth is that yeah, he may have because Lori Hoover is not the breeder. She has set herself up as the middle person for the real breeder, whom if which may I kindly state was already shut down and in trouble for ill practices, in humane conditions etc. So, when she states that she is not the breeder she is telling the truth, the only truth she does tell. However she wonu2019t tell you this when she is taking your money, she will pronounce herself as the breeder when collecting payment but to hear her say that she is not the breeder, she will only tell you this once you bring heat on to her. She is the enabler for the puppy mill. She insisted after I called her from the vetu2019s office that she would give a refund if we would like and return Goliath to her or swap out Goliath for another pup. Well at that time, that wasnu2019t the option for us. In all honesty, it does not matter if your pup is in your home 5 minutes or 15 years your heart is attached in ways most donu2019t understand. So needless to say, after Goliath was feeling better we started his regular vet care and during the first few visits the vet suggested that we do a thorough work up on him to make sure that there is nothing else seeing that he did come from such deplorable conditions. That is when we had got news that made our hearts sink and jaws drop. Our sweet little boy was born with only 1 full lung and 1/2 of the other, he had absolutely no left hip and his appendix was holding air. The vet advised us that we should consider our options for him. We discussed a possible hip surgery at $5-10,000.00 Adding glucosamine supplements into his diet to promote the muscle growth however we were told this would only be temporary and that he will need to be on pain meds the rest of his life. We did everything that we could to keep him comfortable but shortly after his 2nd birthday he started having breathing problems, He would gasp for air from time to time. We did all that we could for Goliath until June 24th, 2017 when the time came to end his suffering. We had the vetu2019s office run a full battery of blood work on him including genetic DNA testing. As it comes with no Surprise to us our u201cPure Breed Cane Corsou201d is not really thatu2026 The genetic testing came back to show that Goliath was Neapolitan Mastiff, Rottweiler, Cane Corso and mixed breeds. We have X-rays and test results to prove every single ounce of this information. Along with this let me be so kind to advise you that we begged Lori for months to send us the paperwork for the dog, ICCF papers etc. and what we received in the mail was a Scanned and printed copy of a u201csample pupu201d registration. Completely fake paperwork none the less. She is a fraud in every form of the definition. I beg you to reconsider any thoughts that you have in regards to this puppy mill, as it will leave you in sheer heartache. She knows very well what she is doing, but the power of greed for money has wiped out her ability to put an end to this.

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