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I saw an ad for CBD oil which offered a "free trial". I started to fill out the online form, however, after typing in all of the information I noticed a link to further details, which mentioned automatic future shipments. I did NOT want to be tied to that so I decided to NOT hit the submit button & left the website. Within minutes I received a "confirmation notice". Immediately I hit "respond" to let them know I did not want the order. No response. They shipped the order in an envelope that contained the product & no other address/phone #/no information as to returns. The return address was a Product Returns Center in FL. I immediately starting searching the web for addresses & phone #’s. The only thing I found was a MN address–I wrote them but no response. FINALLY my credit card statement came with an initial shipping charge of $4.94 for the initual unordered bottle , plus an addition $94.67 order. I called the phone # listed with the charge on my credit card & was told that only part of the bottle was free but I had to pay for the rest of the bottle. I explained that I never hit "submit" and she said "you must have". I asked for their mailing address so I could send a letter & was told they didn’t have a physical address. She said the most she could do was give me a $71.00 refund.

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