Complaint: Golden State Law Group is a scam. Beware San Diego! The same people who started Pacific Law Center, which ripped off San Diego residents for 8 years and then closed down its doors leaving countless people without the services they paid for is now just back at their old game of ripping people off, obtaining a bad reputation, closing down and taking people’s money, and then opening up a new firm under a new name and doing it all over again. Golden State Law Group = Pacific Law Center Just like back in 2003, when Pacific Law Center came to town, the tv ads and bus stop benches were covered by their advertisements. The same owners found a new puppet, this time instead of Kerry Steigerwalt, they are using David Weil to be their “Principle Attorney.”” Read the article below: If you have heard of San Diegos infamous Pacific Law Center

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Address: you may have heard the name Larry Majors associated with it. After all

Website: here is a brief history. Way back in 1990

Phone: it was Majors who brought Philips and Associates to Phoenix

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