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This is my story. I am a loyal 25+ year gm owner. Pictured here are my last gm products i will ever own. My 2010 chevrolet express motorhome has run for almost 5 years with not one problem, gm sent me a letter telling me that some owners were having problems with there transmissions and that i needed to bring it in for just a reprogramming. After that i took the motorhome on a trip to the blue ridge mountains and the truck shifted really bad going up hills at slow speeds. I had to call gm because i could not find a dealer that would work on it. The dealer i bought it from is not licensed to work on gm products but can sell them. Gm found a dealer who looked at it drove it and even wrote on the repair slip that he felt chugging on underload. Tech asst, told him to tell me to use higher octane. 5 years of driving it with not problems and they reprogram the tranny and no i have to use a higher octane. Called gm and this is where my nightmare started. I was put in touch with cassandra from senior adviser and right from the beginning she had a attitude with me. Lying to and then making promises only to break them after. She promised she would call back and never did and then said she wrote down the wrong number and i find that funny because after the weekend she called me but never asked me for the right number. I spent 4 hours on the phone with gm and only hung up after my cordless went dead. Worst experience i have ever had with a company. Now i find out my brand new colorado has two open recalls. That means that gm does not have the parts or know how to fix them. But who needs front brakes or your front seat bolted in right. Run !!!!! people gm has not changed and does not care one bit about you. Follow up. Cassandra just called me 5/18/15 and left a message telling there are no other dealers in my state that will work on my motorhome even though there are hundreds of gm dealers in my state. Nice i a truck under factory warranty that no one will fix anf a new truck that has recalls that gm did not even let me know about. Do not buy gm. They have not changed.

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