Funtonia Complaint


A month ago on a lark I download a few ringtones thinking they were just around $2.50 each. When I got my receipt I found I had just purchased a membership to their company for $23.00. Immediately I contacted them and said I had misread their description and I had no intention of spending that much for a ringtone and I wanted my money refunded. They blew me off. In a reluctant effort to be a good sport, I went ahead and ordered a usb cord for my phone. When I got the cord I was told I would also need a driver. I returned that cord and looked for a driver/cord comination. I found one (affordable, not the 32.00 version that kept appearing in my search) and when I got that, no driver was included with it after all. I returned that order too, paying postage in both cases. I looked in a forum to see if they had a suggestion for downloading the driver and that is when I learned that Samsung m510 does not upload mp3 or any extraneous files anyway, even if I did manage to get the right equipment.The link they sent me earlier, a special Sprint uploading program would not help either. I told customer service and they said that as long as I had downloaded those few ringtones to my pc the product was already used. IF I WANTED TO LISTEN TO MOONLIGHT SONATA IN MY PC I WOULD HAVE DOWNLOADED THE FULL FRIGGING PIECE FROM SOMEWHERE. Do they think I will play a half minute snatch of it over and over ad infinitum? These people who are gloating over the money they took from me must be clueless how much $23.00 is to a person trying to survive on $1, 000 a month. Most businesses care about customer satisfaction. maybe they think I am going to make a profit from those four dribbles of music I will never be able to use and no longer even have on my hard drive. Most businesses care about customer satisfaction. These people don’t.

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