FloodChek Pflugerville Texas Review


Similar to the other person filing a rip off report, I bought these hoses as insurance to my worries of a burst hose. I was a little worried that the shipping seemed high for regular delivery ($14) and it took over a week to be delivered. They seem very sturdy and heavy so I installed the cold water hose first. After tightening 1/8 turn, I turned the cold water back on. I was dissapointed to see a leak at the hose bib on the wall outlet. Odd, I used the same amount of force for the previous stainless steel hoses and they did not leak. I turned the hose end to end and re-tightened properly. It was still leaking from the hose bib, not at the washer. So, both ends were incompatible with my supply hose bib, but it sealed fine at the back of washer. No problem I thought, I’ll just put the stainless steel hose back on and return these as they are obviously incompatible with my setup. I had another worry when I tried to use the contact form on their website and kept getting a strange error when submitting the form. So I replied to the email I received when I ordered the hoses. It came back with a Delivery Status Notification (Failure). Uggh. I called their number and got VM, so I left a message. I did a quick Google search and found the previous report which really made me worry. Just then I received a call from them. I spoke to Stephen and explained the problem I had. He kept interrupting me to see if I followed directions to not overtighten and if I checked the washer was not damaged. Well, yes, I did check and was careful not to overtighten using the same amount of force as the other hoses. Stephen did not care to listen to my reasoning that the hoses just didn’t fit my setup for whatever reason. He was very insistent that it was an installer error. When I asked to return the hose, he hesitated and then said – No, they aren’t defective. So, even if they did not fit my application and were useless to me, he would not accept a return. A reputable and honest business should work with you and accept a return if it didn’t function correctly.

P.O. Box 602 Oliver Springs, Tennessee USA



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