Marion Iowa


Complaint: knowingly renames product just so you can not price match it. You will order from their site a “FM USA 7 Series optional iFit Live

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: Google Maps

Website: 888-348-4537

Phone: Wifi -Fold-Away”” and a 770 Treadmill will arrive. They will call some stuff FreeMotion by NT and you will think it is a FreeMotion machine but actually a Nordic track machine that they have sold to you at the FreeMotion site. They claim their sales people do not work on commission on their site but they do. They have NO RATING with the Better Business Bureau. Jim Rosen has had numerous scams over the years one being a get rich quick scheme – Jim Rosens pays to bury his awful ratings across the internet. Instead of great customer service he will screw you then pay a company to bury the bad service reviews! Buyer BEWARE do not buy from this crook!!!”

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