Extended Stay America off Executive Drive Clearwater


Complaint: I am only writing this rip off report to warn and help others who are thinking about working for this place to RUN far away! If I would’ve found a rip off report or read any of the bad reviews on this hotel before working here I would’ve never accepted the job. If you are able to pass the level 2 background check they require you to pass to work here then you should have no problem at all finding something else with way better pay and in a better working environment. Luckily I was only here for 4 days before I was blessed with a better job opportunity so I left. I still busted my a** those 4 days, never took a break or lunch, and expected to receive my full pay for the days and hours worked. I was only paid for 3 days and at minimum wage instead of the discussed $9.50 an hour. The General Manager thinks she can get away with saying I worked less days and hours than what I actually worked because she never set me up in the computer to clock in and out. She told me she was going to enter my hours in manually until she had time to set me up in the computer because they were so understaffed. I kept track and documented each day I worked along with the times I came in and left to make sure I was paid correctly. I finally receive a direct deposit several weeks after I left for $158. $158 for the 27 hours I worked in 4 days? I immediately messaged the General Manager, Caroline, and asked her why my check was so small. She advised that she could not help me and that I was no longer in her system but that I only worked 3 days. She knows better. She also said that she gave me a time card to clock in and out on the 2nd day of work which is a lie. I kindly asked her to check her records against the camera at the front desk which shows every day I came in and how long I was there. I haven’t gotten a response to that yet but this makes me so mad! She knows how many days I worked and how many hours. She put it in wrong on purpose because she’s upset that I left her even more short handed than she was. I get that but I have 3 small children at home to feed and have to do what I have to do to better myself. I saw a room infested with roaches and bugs on the bed my last day there and honestly I was afraid of bringing them home and infesting my own house. When I got a call from my now employer offering more pay and closer to my house, I jumped on it. Bottom line is people work hard for their money and nobody deserves to go through all this to get what is rightfully owed to them. I have already wasted so much time on this by emailing back and forth with the General Manager, Caroline. I’ve filed a complaint with Corporate, filed a rip off report, and my next step is filing a complaint with the board of labor. Caroline has been absolutely no help resolving this issue. She has been very unprofessional in emails and even went as far as calling me a liar.

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Address: 3089 Executive Dr Clearwater, FL United States

Website: m.extendedstayamerica.com/hotels/fl/tampa-st-petersburg/clearwater-airport

Phone: 727-561-9032

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