Engine House Marketing


Dear Team,below is the caseI was in contact with this person Mr. Tim Gibson owner of Flyer-miles.com, in regards to buy 1million points from him. based on the communication made on Whatsup i did the wire transfer on Wed to his Corporate AC under the name of Engine House Marketing, LLC once he got the funds,since then he was buying time from me and saying wait wait wait for wire to arrive. then Firday morning he said, he is leaving for Vegas. and told the concern person who was suppose to trasnfer points is sick.Later he block me on whats up and calls. and informed me the same. Until today he is not replying me. nor answering my calls. last night he has send me a wahts up msg to wait 4 hours, so by morning i msged him again, so he give me a story to wait a weeks time, I do not wish to contiune with his service. i would like to get my money back upon asking him regarding the person to whom he has send the money to get the miles. he answered i will not share the details, and if you would like to sue me then wait for 120 days. pls advicenow he has blocked me on Contact list and whats up…

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