el Mercado latino LLC branson Missouri Review


I was a good customer here! At this Mexican store! That’s right across from me!- where I live to go shopping for food! Until yesterday!- when all of a sudden the cashier man who works there got a stink attitude with me once I asked for a receipt!- that he failed to give me this time! When he should have given me in the first place! like before!- and slammed the items I paid for on the counter! As if it was my fault!- he forgot to give it to me!- it was so unprofessional!- on his part! And by the way all his I ems are overpriced!!! Anyway! Its ridiculous! And he angrily gave me the receipt and rolled his eyes at me when he walked away! And I still said thank u! But he was wrong for that! And rude! So I’ll never go back there!- ever again!!! His bad attitude lost a good customer!- that’s his loss!- not mine! Don’t shop here! Its not worth it!!!!

3515 west 76 country blvd Branson, Missouri United States



Convenience Stores, Food Stores

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