Dr. Sharon Pletcher was arrested for misconduct


Sharon Pletcher, 57, was charged by the police for tresspassing , disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. She was put to jail and received bail after she paid $10,000 for it. She was again charged in a second case where she was conducted for assault and harassment by the police, but she pleaded guilty in the court.
the defence attorny said that Pletcher had major depressive disorder and was an alcoholic. “If she continues treatment, she’ll be okay,” he said. They pledged her to be placed under house arrest so that she could continue to see her patients and continue her work. But as per the courtroom she was taken to jail, “I’ll lose my practice” she shouted as she was being dragged out of the courtroom.
Pletcher, according to her website, is a podiatrist that treats patients in State College.
As per the affidavit in the first case, Pletcher had arrived at the residence of a woman and began shouting abuses and spoke vulgar language. She refused to shut up unless the police was called on her and she was taken to the lock up. As per the statement of the property owner, she was under the influence of alcohol that night.
The officer said he made contact with Pletcher who was seated in her vehicle and speaking to another officer. This officer detected a strong odor of alcohol from her breath. She was allegedly verbally combative and vulgar.
After she was told that she was under arrest for drinking in punlic, she grabbed the steering wheel of her car and told the cops she was not getting out of the car. The police had to drag her out of the car, they had to physically remove her from the vehicle, she tried to resist but they successfully handcuffed her and took her to the police station.

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