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Complaint: Dr. Babak Kosari is a complete fraud. I went to him for my nail fungus removal with a laser. He charged me $900 and told me to return to him for free treatment in one year if his laser treatment did not work for him to do more laser for free as he u201cguaranteesu201d his work. After one year, I returned to him and his secretary asked me to pay for the office visit. I explained to her that the previous year during my office visit, both Dr. Babak Kosari and his office staff told me I could return after one year if the fungus did not go away. She denied having known of any such policy and stated that if I wanted to see Dr. Kosari I would need to pay for the office visit in cash and give them my medicare card so they can also charge my medicare. I asked why she needed my medicare card since this was supposed to be a free treatment. She said why do you care if we charge medicare since you wonu2019t be paying for it yourself. I told her I despised doctors who tried to fake bill insurance companies and would not give her my medicare card. As I was saying this another person in his office told me that they would not even seen him even though they made him pay them in cash and asked for his insurance card. I demanded that the doctor see me per the guarantee he made to me and the front desk said they would not and that I had the choice to pay or she would call the police to escort me out. You could tell by the way she handled the situation that this was not her first time on the rodeo. She has apparently dealt with other angry patients shoes money doctor Babak Kosari took for a laser treatment that did not work. So here is his business model: Dr. Babak Kosari charges big money to his patients and also charges their insurance company a ton of money for a laser treatment he guarantees will work. When the laser does not work and you return to his office he has you deal with this woman who tells you to pay again for the u201coffice visitu201d or else leave the office or she will call the police. I didnu2019t leave the office so he ended up calling the police. When the police got there they told me that they had been there before and that my best bet was to take Dr. Babak Kosari to small claims courtu2014which I will be doing.

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Address: 17075 Devonshire St Northridge, California USA


Phone: 8188311000

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