Dirty Scam Review


Dirty Scam is a new “dog “player in the market. The website is built on a platform like WordPress without any security. They have no control over the content approval or curation. Hence any superstar out there can post anything. This is how they make money by asking businesses to remove these reviews. | They have even partnered up with companies who does brokerage for them. Example run a test. Once you review something about your own business, within a day, you will start receiving emails from these brokerage companies to help you remove the reviews in 60 days at some ridiculous cost. | in my opinion, never fall for these fake reviews. | anyone these days could create a website like this on a WordPress template like this as start a great business.. | preview.themeforest.net/item/reviews-products-and-services-review-wp-theme/full_screen_preview/13004739?_ga=2.192105322.1783763204.1548991286-939298698.1540206416 | you could customise these templates and do some SEO and business is ready now. | My only advise, these companies are not compliant, and people should fall for this. | In my opinion sites like this should not be trusted at any cost. Hence I am informing people to make a wise decision in choosing people. | We are living in a digital space, and an angry person or a competition can post a nad review to damage others reputation or business. | we are not even sure if these companies like “Dirty scam “are creating these reviews because when you try to comment back to these reviews, this company won’t allow you to rebuttal. | so “Dirty Scam “name suits them because that’s what they do scamming day and night. | All the best folks. |


Name: Dirty Scam

Country: United States

State: Alabama




Website: dirtyscam.com

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