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Just don’t do it. The only good thing I can say about UCC DirectBuy is that they have changed my philosophy on sales pitches. If ever presented again with a buy it now or never pitch. The answer will be never.As a member for almost two years now, (and feeling pretty stupid about that), I can tell you that you will never, ever save the amount of your membership fee of almost $3000.00. Between the inconvenience of most items being shipped to the warehouse instead of your home, the service charges, and taxes. You will not save money or time with DirectBuy.As one small example, we recently attempted to save some money ordering a set of Noritake china through UCC. We later found that we could have ordered the same items online at and receive free shipping to our home. It’s been this way with almost everything we’ve ordered or tried to order with UCC. Occasionally you’ll save a few dollars but by the time you factor in your travel time and the inconvenience it never balances out in your favor.We’ve already made the mistake of paying the fee. We haven’t even saved 1% of our membership fee over the almost two years we’ve been members. In fact, we’ve probably lost more money in time and gas going back and forth to their office and warehouse then if we’d simply taken the time to search out what we wanted online or elsewhere.If asked my opinion, I’d tell everyone to not waste their money or time with UCC or DirectBuy ever. If you really want to dispose of $3000 of your money, find a nice charity and give it away. You’ll get more out of it than with UCC plus you’ll get a tax deduction.LKnThousand Oaks, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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